Monday, April 4, 2011

making Krempita with Teta and Baba!

{creme 'custard' filling}

Krempita is a traditional Eastern European dessert that shows up at many Serbian gatherings. My Teta (aunt), Baba (grandma) and I decided to make this delicious dessert for my dad's birthday dinner! While it looks very complicated (puff pastry? 'custard'?), it is one of the simplest recipes I have come across. The creme filling consists of whipping cream, two packets of Vanilla Jell-O, milk, 'Whip It' whipped cream stabilizer (so it doesn't leak into the pastry/stays voluminous longer), and a touch of vanilla extract. My Teta stands by the fact that this custard substitute actually tastes better than actual custard! The puff pastry can be purchased at a grocery store or pastry specialty shop, while the chocolate drizzle consists of semisweet chocolate chips, milk, and butter melted in a stove pan and flicked onto the pastry with your fingers (who would have thought?). 

 {thick layer of creme filling...mmm!}

 {the finished product!}

My favorite part was decorating the plates with family member's names, using the chocolate ganache we made!

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