Friday, June 17, 2011

brights and stripes and everything I love!

outfit = perfect. 

Celine Resort Collection 2011 ... LOVE the cobalt and magenta

 what I will dress like in ROME ... 

 really really want this dress!

 okay, ABSOLUTE favorite

via My Style Pill and friends

Sunday, June 12, 2011

back at Tunnel City finally!

hazelnut frappe and raspberry muffin - my all time favorite and regular combo!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cafe Melange at Julius Meinl, Southport Avenue

so this is what my mom ordered at Juliu Meinl - it was to die for! layers of milk, espresso, and foam - mmmm. 

Anthropologie windows at Southport Avenue!

naturally, I had to scope out the competition...I loved how they used picture frames, color, pattern, and scale in their massive window(s)!!

the DELICIOUS pecan-encrusted trout my mom made a few days ago!!

favorite color combo EVER + new items

 citron + royal blue = MY FAVORITE COMBO EVER 
(this is at J. Crew right now...especially wearable if the sickly-yellow/green hue of citron doesn't flatter your complexion, since it is relegated to the shorts!)

so on my breaks I try on clothes ... these are three new additions to my closet that I absolutely LOVE!
(all Anthropologie, sale ofcourse)

my workplace - the anthropologie art room!

hot glue bubbles

 the endless stacks of cardboard

 my best friend


...and the power tools!