Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the best excuse EVER to wake up at 5 am: Behind the Scenes at CAFE BARBERINI !!!!!


ooh apricot marmalade for filling the pastries

most delicious new discovery: no wonder I have never seen these in the display case before, they always disappear first thing in the morning!!!

 our new best friend, Emiliano

cornetti in the oven!

 the filling chocolate (translation: NUTELLA)

three buckets of goodness

getting golden brown!

YES, that is in fact chocolate swirling around

the BOMBA 


another shout out to: Mom, Dad, Alex, Teta, Baba, Margaret, and anybody else who has ever tried Baba's kiefle 

novel thought: fill them with chocolate 

my new favorite pastry!

espressi compliments of Claudio (our favorite barrista) !

the final touches: water + sugar + vanilla glaze

Monday, November 14, 2011

I can't get over these looks!

 okay, I will have this gorgeous red skirt please. 

such a Euro-chic, casual look for everyday

I hope she is reacting to the shock of how AMAZING these sunglasses are. 

 return of the floppy hat...and 70s texture/colors - LOVE it!

sign me up for a cape please!

hello, food!

I just rediscovered a favorite food blog of mine, The Kitchy Kitchen, and my mouth was watering over these delicious creations!! I especially loved the "Day of the Dead" sugar skull and the final recipe, a pancetta/ricotta combination! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


the Blue Mosque (also known as the view from our window!)

my first kebap! mmm pistachios 

lovely lanterns

 INSIDE the Blue Mosque!

where's the baby?

 HELLO Hagia Sophia!

Basilica Cistern - underground, creepy, water-floored, and probably my favorite

art gallery entrance what up!

 a flaming meal - how is he so calm?

 inside the Topkapi Palace HAREM

 check out these Turkish rugs ... and pillows ... and everything

HUGE hollow bread mmm

a taste of Roma in Istanbul!

the BEST chocolate souffle I've ever had - off of Istiklal Street

 in the Grand Bazaar, beautiful

more lovely lanterns I wish I could take back for my room!

 mountains and mountains of spices in the Spice Market itself!

 we're in Asia!

Yogurt Kebap - easily my favorite meal! 

 these were all over the place!

boating the Bosphorus!

 just a castle and ruins!

 the lovely interior of an amazing vegetarian cafe!

 Isli kofte at Sabertasi!

 this one's for Teta! 

yes, a whole shop devoted to HONEY