Tuesday, December 27, 2011

making Serbian Kolach with Baba for Slava!

making shells / petals

the chickens!


 the dough has risen!

 Baba doing her thing!

 the artful arrangement 


ready for church!

My Baba (grandma) and I made this Kolach (Serbian celebration bread for our family saint day, also known as "Slava") the Saturday before our Slava. Watching the bread rise and Baba decorating the bread like a professional were two highlights!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

reminiscing about Rome

 can you say Segway tours? all over Rome. 

someday I will return to Rome, own a Vespa, and be effortlessly chic in my heels and helmet while balancing my purse!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

sparkly, classic, and bright

glitter holiday cookies = sparkly macarons? yes. 

 very similar to my recent camel-coat-with-fur-hood purchase!

I love the pop of brights under a classic trench

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the best excuse EVER to wake up at 5 am: Behind the Scenes at CAFE BARBERINI !!!!!


ooh apricot marmalade for filling the pastries

most delicious new discovery: no wonder I have never seen these in the display case before, they always disappear first thing in the morning!!!

 our new best friend, Emiliano

cornetti in the oven!

 the filling chocolate (translation: NUTELLA)

three buckets of goodness

getting golden brown!

YES, that is in fact chocolate swirling around

the BOMBA 


another shout out to: Mom, Dad, Alex, Teta, Baba, Margaret, and anybody else who has ever tried Baba's kiefle 

novel thought: fill them with chocolate 

my new favorite pastry!

espressi compliments of Claudio (our favorite barrista) !

the final touches: water + sugar + vanilla glaze

Monday, November 14, 2011

I can't get over these looks!

 okay, I will have this gorgeous red skirt please. 

such a Euro-chic, casual look for everyday

I hope she is reacting to the shock of how AMAZING these sunglasses are. 

 return of the floppy hat...and 70s texture/colors - LOVE it!

sign me up for a cape please!

hello, food!

I just rediscovered a favorite food blog of mine, The Kitchy Kitchen, and my mouth was watering over these delicious creations!! I especially loved the "Day of the Dead" sugar skull and the final recipe, a pancetta/ricotta combination!